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What is JCYM?

Here is what some of our members say...


  • I have enjoyed every moment of JCYM, the friendship, the programs, the leadership and, most of all, the many ways of giving of one ’s self…. (Liz - 50 year member)
  • JCYM is passionate about doing for others, both within our community and within our organization.… I treasure them for that compassion.  (Sara - 13 year member)
  • We play together; work together and the rewards from our philanthropies are limitless. (Poppy - 3 year member) 
  • I feel I receive more than I give.  When someone in JCYM has a care or concern, the love and support is amazing.   (Donna - 8 year member) 
  • giving, caring, loving friends  (Doris - 16 year member)
  • JCYM allows me to balance my career and family….  We have a common goal to serve our neighbors in need.  (Kim - 5 year member/Employed status)

  • Requirements are easy….exposed me to my community and its needs, to new friends who support each other and still allows me to enjoy my family.  (Maryln - 10 year member)

  • JCYM is the sorority I didn't belong to in college.  (Carolyn - 9 year member)
  • JCYM is a group of women committed to improving their community through simple kind gestures.  (Charee - 1 year member/Employed)


If you would you like to learn more about JCYM, we would love to have you join us at a meeting!

*To make it easier for all our members to stay involved --



Click HERE and our Membership Chair will call you back with all of the details.



  • Welcome at all open general meetings
  • Required to attend two general meetings before submitting an Application for Membership


  • Attend a minimum of three Provisional Orientations
  • Attend three general meetings between February and May


Eligible to vote, hold office and serve on the Board of Directors


  • Pay Annual Dues of $150.00
    • Operations Assessment $75
    • Ways & Means Assessment $75
  • Serve on at least one Club Committee
  • Attend six general meetings
  • Purchase three meals
  • Give a minimum of 25 Service Hours yearly to approved JCYM Philanthropies/Ways & Means projects
    • Six of the 25 must be Ways & Means hours


Eligible to vote; ineligible to hold office or serve on the Board of Directors (exception-Parliamentarian & Sgt.-at-Arms serve on Board)


  • Employed 25 hours a week
  • Full time student (at least 12 credit hours per semester)
  • Full time caregiver of small children or special needs child or adult
  • Members who have held Active status for 10 cumulative years
  • Members who have commitments combining aspects of caregiver/student/employed


  • Pay Annual Dues of $112.50
    • Operations Assessment $75
    • Ways & Means Assessment $37.50
  • Select at least two of the following five choices:
    • Serve on one club committee
    • Pay for two meals
    • Attend two meetings
    • Give a minimum of 12.5 service hours yearly to approved JCYM Philanthropy/Ways & Means service projects

 JCYM offers several other Membership Status options for our current long-term members.



Johnson County Young Matrons (JCYM) is a service organization whose mission is to promote a positive future for members of our community.  This mission is accomplished through volunteerism, financial support, and education.  Representing a diverse cross-section of Johnson County, Kansas and Missouri women, Johnson County Young Matrons share the belief that there is genuine need for "hands-on" personal assistance and financial aid in our own community.

JCYM is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.


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